Jambalakadi jari mitaya Instagram Trending Video Editing

Hi guys in this article I am going to tell you how to edit a comedy video editing, called Jambalakadi jari mitaya Instagram Trending Video Editing in Alight motion mobile by using your Android mobile it’s the most trending song on Instagram.

Trending song from Instagram jambalaya jari mitaya I am sure if you edit this video and post it on your Instagram account definitely chance to get more views in this video editing so you can edit your video very easily and simple way. Vijay explained this in the YouTube video

Editing Process :

All material used in the video given below through you can download from there first of all you have in your mobile alight motion application

Then open these links you can directly input your Elite motion you have to input two links first one is shake effect and another one is the beat mark

So open after inputting these links and these effects you have to go to the beat mark section and select the layers and

go to the font section you have to add font for your lyrics after adding font go to the next beat mark which I have added the photos click the place icon and select the photos

and adjust the photo has in the frame. And another click on the place icon to add the photo and adjust the photo in the frame.

So how to select all photos like this after adding all photos you come back to the shake effect preset

Go to the lyrics section and click the lyric and click the effects option click the three dots after clicking the three dots we have to copy these effects.

After that, you have to get back to your project beat mark and click the lyrics option and click the effects option you have to click the three dots option and after that, you have to click the paste option.

Do this process for up to 10.03 seconds after that you have to get back to shake effects and click the other lyrics effect copy that link and come back to beat mark click the lyrics and pace the effects up to the end of the lyrics.

Download from Below :

Beat Mark : Download

Shake Effect : Download

Alight Motion : Download

Watch Editing Process :

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