Trending Emoji Style New Video Editing in Alight Motion

Hi guys, I am going to share with you how to edit Trending Emoji Style New Video Editing in Alight motion with your mobile only. Send this video has lots of emojis it looks like emojis videos but it’s very attractive to see.

If you guys edit this type of video and if have in the post it on your Instagram or other social media platforms it’s very much a chance to get viral and it’s chance to get more views. Hope you guys liked it.

Editing Process : 

Download the all presetting and emoji video through all links given below you can download them from there and

use them properly so open your alight motion application and go to the beat mark section you have to add the emoji video which I gave in the link.

After adding an emoji video you have to cut the extra part of the video it is easy to cut click the video layer and select the trim to the right option that simple extra part will be cut.

So there are a lot of beat marks you have to add your photos one by one and do full screen using your fingers so select the all photos and do full screen come back to shake effects and there is a 2 shake effects

you have to select anything go to the shake effect section and click the photo click the effects option click the three dots option

and copy the text come back to beat mark and click the photos you selected and click the effects option click the three dots option you have to paste so this is the total process of Editing it is a very simple and unique way to edit your video

Download from Below :

Beat Mark: Download

Shake Effect: Download

Media Fire: Download

Alight Motion: Download

Watch Editing Process :

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Suresh · December 16, 2022 at 12:04 pm

Super excited

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