Chatting old Memories Video Editing Trending

Trending Chatting old Memories Video Editing in Alight Motion

Hi, guys in this article I am going to share with you about trending Instagram Chatting old Memories Video Editing Trending in Alight motion. You can check out the demo video on Instagram from there This video is all about chatting about our memories. You can connect for this video the video is very beautiful after editing. and you have to edit this video you loved it.

Editing Process : 

Open the alight motion application and you have to input the two projects one chatting video and another one loading video you have to download this material from the given links below So you have to go to the beat mark section and add your logo first of all after adding your logo you have to click the place I can’t and go to the media section you have to add the chatting video which I gave.

If you don’t like that video you can create your video I will tell you how to create your video go to WhatsApp or Instagram open your chat list and select one person.

On the mobile screen record and scroll, you’re chatting the video will be recorded after recording your video you have to add a beat mark section and cut the extra part click the video and go to the effects option and click the added effect.

Click on the search option and how to search blur effect click the blur effect and add the blur effect for that video.

After adding the traffic you have to add your photos and there is the sake effect copy that shakes effect and pastes your photos as simply as possible it is a very easy way to edit your video

Download from Below :

Beat Mark: Download

Shake Effect: Download

Chatting Video: Download

Loading Video: Download

Alight Motion: Download

Watch Editing Process :

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