Whatsapp like app Whats Mock prank app


Hey guys in this article I am going to introduce one app called whatsmock, it’s like a WhatsApp app Whatsapp like app Whats Mock prank app


In this application you have all the futures of WhatsApp like chats you can send photos you can receive photos you can add status you can watch status and all of this you can do by your own like fake chats fake WhatsApp status.


This app especially made for own chats like we can make chatting interesting by own like we can send the chats and we can receive the chats what we want just you have to type there is a two options like send and receive once you click on the receive button the chart you text receive from the app when should click the sent button you you also send the text for like other person

You can add any status in WhatsApp it makes others put their status but the reality is the status you uploaded in this app you can create all the stuff you need like chatting what you want and you can upload status what you want it makes like all they are chat and all they are uploading the status


You can enjoy this app by using this app you can prank your friends by chatting yourself like girlfriend like crush girlfriend chatting with you or crush chatting with you you can create a chat like that

Just download the app the link given below offer downloading just open the app and there is a no login option you can directly open the app without login then you can create the name of the chat like mine or crush.


After that you can create a chatting like they are chatting with you you can take screenshot of that chatting and send your friends they get fool or prank

Here the apple in can download the Whatsapp like app Whats Mock prank app fun with your friends and enjoy the app for more articles like this just do subscribe

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