Hello guys today in this article we are going to see about HOW TO EDIT  VIDEO WITH ULTRA SHAKE EFFECTS

In all my previous articles you are able to see about image editing using different software and Now we are

going to see video editing using simple software and Guys as my experience I am suggesting the Alight motion software. It is available for free in both the Android play store and the App store also.


  • It is free software and It is very user-friendly.
  • This Software can understand by first-time users also because it has simple settings.
  • If you have any doubts I will provide my youtube video link you can refer to that video.


  • Alight motion software ( It is available in Both Playstore and the App store )
  • Ultra shake effects
  • Templates


  • Download and open the Alight motion app from the google play store.
  • Click on the shake effects link and it will redirect to the Alight motion software.
  • Now you will get a pop window in that select the import option.
  • Click on the song link and it also directly redirects to the Alight motion software.
  • Now click on the images option and select the images that you want to make as a video.
  • Select the Full-screen option for every image you selected.
  • Do it above step individually for every single image.
  • Now trim the selected song as shown in the youtube video and check it.
  • Click on the shake effects and select the downloaded one and Click on the image and now select the effects setting from there.
  • Now select the copy effects setting and Divide the editing video into two parts as shown in the video.
  • Click on the effects option again and paste the copied effects there and apply it.
  • Now paste the effects for every part of the editing video individually.
  • Now Click on the export option and save it.

Guys all the material links will be provided at the Material links session and if you have any doubt about this you can watch my youtube video and the Youtube video link also provided at the material links session.

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By Saiteja

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