Hi guys in this article I am going to share with you a trending DJ remix beat sync Riva Riva Riban DJ Remix Mass Video Editing In Alight Motion video editing is very unique and very simple very attractive so you can easily edit it on your mobile also

You can also edit this video caputcut application so you have to download the cap cut application and solo VPN because solo VPN is the best that’s why how to download solo VPN links given below

Open solo VPN and tap the connect option the VPN connects automatically with other countries you have to open the cap-cut application to don’t close the VPN because if you close VPN the cap-cut application will not work so you don’t have to clothe se VPN

After opening the ng cap-cut application clicks the plus to add the project first, all you have to add the images click the place I can and see all the images you have to add after selecting you have to click the option the photos will add one by one so below layer at music layer option is there so you have to click the option and select the music and add the music.

After adding music you have to sync your photos with singsong beats listen carefully first of all and the beats come you have to stop the video and cut the photo on split delete the extra part of the photo and again start the song when the beats c time stop the video and cut the extra parts do this process continuously further om end of the song.

After that you have to select one photo and go to the animation option there  three options are there in our combo you have to select in option after that their slots of effects you have to select any effect from there to apply all the photos which effect you want this is the process

Download from Below :

Beat Mark: Download

Shake Effect: Download

Alight Motion: Download


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