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Hey guys today in this article I am going to tell you about how to edit Photo Lab App Ravi Telugu Editz it’s going to be interesting


1). The first you have to download the materials which I gave in below links you can download from there so you have to download first photo lab application and second one is PicsArt and third one is photo background and 4th one is photo room application so you have to download this 4 materials after that

2). Firstly how to open photo lab app give all permissions the top of the left side there is a option top click on that and scroll down there is a option called double exposure couple photo effect you have to click on that and

3). Click the place icon select your photo which you want to edit after that click on the arrow symbol the photo will be painted software that you have to save that image in your gallery.

3). And open the photo room application click on the transparent option input photo which you have edited in photo lab.

5). The background will be automatically removed click on the sale option and click on the save to gallery the photo will be saved.


Of the dirt you have to open the picsart app and add photo background then click on the add photo you have to add the photo which you have removed the background of your photo and adjust the frame and click on the Aries option increase the size of the brush and.

You can share it the photo down perfectly software click on the sticker option and search option you have to search shadow PNG at the shadow PNG below the photo and click on the sticker option again you have to search on the lights and you have to select lights which you want and add suits for the photo Photo Lab App Ravi Telugu Editz


Software dirt you have to add your name if you want and save the photo in put that photo and lightroom do some colour grading for the photo the photo will be totally completed so you have to save the photo in your gallery hope you like this article if you want any doubt go and check it out the full tutorial on my YouTube channel called Ravi Telugu editz Photo Lab App Ravi Telugu Editz

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