Hello everyone in this article I am going to share with you and Next Level Friendship Attitude Video Editing in Alight Motion status video editing in your mobile this is very simple editing you can easily edit this video

First of all you have to input your shake effect beat marks whatever it may be or materials so you have to input first after that you have to open the alert motion application so opened the beat mark section click the place icon go to media section you have to add a background photo which I gave so select that background photo and upload that on beat mark so you have to long press that layer background and put it to down. The background layer is behind the lyrics the lyrics will upper to background.Next Level Friendship Attitude Video Editing in Alight Motion

Software that you have to select your photos as usual click the place I can’t go to media section and select the photos one by one. Do that photos full screen with the help of your fingers or weather options so how to select the all the photos after that you have to go to shake effect project you have to copy that shake effect links or beat mark.

So come back to beat mark section and you have to paste that effects to these photos and lyrics you know very well how to paste Aundh how to copy that effects if you don’t know how to paste and how to copy the text go to my previous videos on YouTube there I’ll explain clearly how to copy that effects or out to paste the effects. So this is the total process and hope you are understood

Beat Mark: Download

Background image Download

Shake Effect: Download

Alight Motion: Download


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