Mera Jaan Friendship Video Editing In Alight Motion

How To Edit A Friendship Video Editing

Hai Guys in this article I am going to share with you a beautiful friendship video edited by Kinemaster, Mera Jaan Friendship Video Editing In Alight Motion you can also edit this video.

This is a very useful video you can edit this video by adding your friend’s photos if you guys edit this type of video your audience will be impressed For this video thing, you have to download some materials all materials link is given in below so you can download them from there and check out from there.

Editing Process : 

Mera Jaan Friendship Video Editing In Alight Motion

Open the kinemaster application, first of all, you have to add the photo in the background so you have to click the media option and click the photos option and click one photo zoom that photoshoot from the frame with the help of your finger after that click the layer option and click the media option and select the one PNG which I gave to you box PNG and click that box change a layer go to blending option and click the screen option.

And after that click, the layer option and media option select one photo, and put that photo up on the background pic go to the layer section and add the effect option click the effect option and at the blur effect so do full screen that all effects of the dirt we have to add some lyrical video which I gave and music PNG video so add to layers click the layer option go to the media section and add that two videos. After adding the two videos you have to apply the same process click the layer go to the blending option and click this screen in option. So this is the total video process this is a very simple and unique way to edit your videos easily with your using mobile without too much hard work

Video Editing Presets ;

Beat Mark: Download

Lyrics Video Download

Shake Effect: Download

Alight Motion: Download

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