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Hey guys today I am going to share with you a beautiful trending lyric Kolaveri x Basti Ka Hasti Video Editing Alight Motion

So if you want to edit this video you have to download some recent links and video XML files links so all links given below through you can download from there if you like this video you have to give some feedback in the YouTube video comment section

Editing Process : 

So this is the editing process first of all you have to download all links then you have to open the beat mark section there are a lot of layers there you have to edit properly step by step so first you how to convert your all photos into 9:16 ratio so you have to save your images in 9:16 ratio

Off the Dutt you have to come back to the beatbox section there are a lot of layers there you have to select each photo in the beat mark double section. If there are two double mark bits we have to change the photo it is an indication to change the photos. So there layers are there so you have to select each and everyone layer step by step. I’ll tell you one example so how to click the layer and go to the color and fill option there is a star option on the right side you have to click that and replace the photo which you want simple this is the step you have to replace the photos and add the photos as it is in all layers

After this process you have to add the photos by simply you have to click the place I can go to the media section you have to add photos one by one has suited the frame and go to the shake effect project there is one shake effect you have to copy the text and paste these all photos there is it to another layer you have to copy that and paste the lakes up to end of the video will be completed

Video Editing Presets ;

Beat Mark: Download

Lyrics Video Download

Shake Effect: Download

Alight Motion: Download

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