Instagram Trending Video Editing

Hi guys in this article I am going to share with you how to edit an Instagram trending video editing in the Alight motion application by using mobile

If you want to edit this video you have to download some files and materials all materials links are given in below you can download them from there and check them out from there.

So if you want a full tutorial video go to YouTube and search Ravi Telugu Editz this is my channel already I uploaded the full tutorial on my YouTube channel you can watch the full tutorial on YouTube

Open your alert motion and input the links you have to go to the beat mark section and there are two groups select one group, first of all, you have to click the plus icon and select the 9:16 ratio to collect all your photos and click the arrow mark make sure your photo size will be 9:16 ratio.

After that save your photos in the 9:16 ratio and you have to select group one and click the edit option there are four types of photos there select each one and click the star symbol and another click the star symbol you have to replace the photo in that place. And come back and select the second photo and click the star symbol and another star symbol we have to replace the photo. Do the same process for up to 4 photos

After that click the background photo and click the star photo replace that photo in your background make sure to notice that the background photo will be colorful after completing this process you have to select the photo order-wise. After selecting all photos we have to do the all photo fill composition area.

Software that comes back to the side effect section there is two types of shake Effects there select the first effect come back to the beat mark section paste the effect on the photo first photo and leave the second photo to apply the third photo leave the fourth photo applied the 5th photo so apply one by one. Again come back to the shake effect and choose the second copy that effects so paste that effects to the remaining photos the video will be done

Download from Below :

Beat Mark: Download

Shake Effect: Download

Alight Motion: Download

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