Instagram Texture Edit New Instagram Trending

Hello everyone I hope you are doing good and great so in this article I am going to share with you a beautiful and trending Instagram Texture Edit New Instagram Trending video editing with the help of capcut application and with some template so if you want to edit this video so you have to download some files which I gave in description

Open the template which I gave from link and and click use template in cab card button after that in below down there is a option use you have to click on the option you have to entered kept application of the dirt you have to go to select your photos which you have to edit your video go to photo section and select your album and select your photos

So select your photos maximum 29 photos after selecting 29 photos there is a option in below is preview option you have to click on it after clicking that option your video is 50% done so go to text option and click the text option and you have to replace the text which you want to replace I am replacing that text by texting ladies and gentleman introduce you can also replace that text which you want

Software that you have to click on the a symbol and click the expert without watermark option if you want to click the option you don’t get watermark in the video of the exporting you have to come back again and refresh open the caput application and click the new project select the video which you have edit and mute that sound click this song audio option and select the audio which I gave after this total complete you have to click they are option and expert the video the video will total completed Instagram Texture Edit New Instagram Trending



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