Dhagad Song hyderabad Model Video Editing

Hi guys so today in this article I am share with you Dhagad Song hyderabad Model Video Editing attitude Hyderabad famous dialogue video editing in mobile

If you want to edit this video you have to must and should watch my video on YouTube if you watch the video full video you have clarity how to edit these types of videos so go to YouTube and search Ravi Telugu edits so channel will be there and open the channel you have to check video from there

Ofter that you have to open the Alight motion application go to beat mark section there is a lots of layers in that file so have to concentrate each and every layer and there is a two videos are there in link below you have to download also one is background video and another one is fire template video so go to beatmax section you have to add the photos as usual has suits for beat mark you have to cut the extra photo of the beat mark so click the place I can’t go to media section and add the photo and do full screen at suits for the frame to this process to every photo and come back to shake effects there is a lyrics effects and food effects are there you have to copy that effects and go to beat mark section paste that effects on there

Dhagad Song hyderabad Model Video Editing

XML Link: Download

After this process to the place I can go to media section and background video go to move and transform option and rotate that video up to 90 degrees after that zoom that video had suits for the same said that video it the background

Shake Effect: Download

And once again click the place I can add the fire template video go to my transmission rotate the 90 degrees and do that full screen click that video layer go to blending option click the screen option the black screen will disappear of that is process cut the extra part of the videos or whatever it may be click the arrow symbol and export the video


Beat Mark : Download

Background : Download

Background : Download

Alight Motion: Download

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