College style Video Editing with movie photo

Hi Guys this is Ravi teja from Ravi telugu editz youtube channel. Today i edited College Style Video Editing With Movie photo. Let’s see how to edit this video.

To edit these type video u want to download two apps i.e., 1. Solo VPN, 2. Capcut these two apps links can be added in description download it. Open capcut application and click on new project and go to photos after that and select some photos as your wish and click on add button. Now we want to set mobile ratio for that and make it slide and then you observe format click on it. Add select the ratio as 9:16 or your wish. And then click on photo and zoom it to full screen. And zoom all the photos that you added. And then click on add audio. If there is any audio with you no problem otherwise I will give the audio in description download it. And click on extract it thereafter where the beat from there you can start and split the video upto then there is a beat till upto the music end and remaining part can be trim.

After that process we want to add effects to the effects to that edited project for that tap on the photo from there is an option i.e., animations from there is there options i.e., IN, OUT & COMBO and we want to select. ” IN ” option click on it there is a various effects then you select the effect ” SWING BOTTLE ” and add it to photo and again you want to add effect to second photo and the same process will be continued till the end of photos. Now the editing is completed I think you have an idea how to edit these type of videos.


Beat Mark
Shake Effect
Alight Motion




Yellow Png LINK :-

After the completion of the editing click on arrow symbol and click on 1080p, 60fps and export the video. And then the video is video on your phone after the exporting the video.

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