Birthday Poster Editing In Picsart By Using Mobile

Hi guys how are you hope you doing all good so in this article I am going to share with you how to edit a Birthday Poster Editing In Picsart By Using Mobile

You can easily edit your birthday for reading by using this article and if you have to any doubts about this editing so you can check out the full tutorial on my YouTube channel called Ravi Telugu editz

Downloading Materials

So few on this photo editing you have to download some materials so all links are given below through you can download from there so first of all you have to download and install the all three applications called PicsArt photo and pixel lamp and one more thing you have to download one background image that image link also given below

Editing process

So fasting you have to open the picsart app and add click on a college option and you have to select three photos so save that college photos on your gallery and restart the picsart app again click on the place icon and your edited photo and open the photo of app click on the transparent option at the photo which you have to add the background software removing that background you have to save that photo in your gallery open again picsart app so click on the add photo and click the photo without background you already edited in photo room app adjust the photo has suits for the background click on the air is option and merge photo below after that save that photo in your gallery.

Pixelab Editing Process

So now you have to add that photo in pixel lab so click on the text option and you have to text happy birthday and what’s your name you have to text that so go to fonts option select that font which you like and add that font on your text simple that process software the process you have to click on the memory option and click on the save has image the photo will be completely ready.

Download from Below :


PIXLAB LINK : Download


PNG LINK : Download 

Birthday Poster Editing In Picsart By Using Mobile

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