Birthday Banner Photo Editing in Picsart

Hello guys so in this article I am going to share with you a Birthday Banner Photo Editing in Picsart CDP photo editing in PicsArt

Shahid this is the interesting topic useful for everyone if you want to edit this type of photo you have to download some files which I gave links in below through you can download from there

Editing process


first you have to remove your photo background by using photo room application open the photo of application and add the photo which you have to remove your background click the transparent option the background will remove automatically save that photo on your gallery


After that you have to open the picsart application in your mobile so add your background photo and click the add photo option and select the Charminar photo and yours photo set the Charminar photo on your background upon that

set the your photo on the Charminar so go to sticker option and search light choose one light set up on the photo according the photo


After that click the right mark and go to add photo option you have to select three photos crop that three photos into 3:4 ratio after that set that photos left side of the photo has same parallel click the right mark again and


go to add photo section you have to select the two pngs one is lighting and another one is border PNG so go to blend option select the screen option for both and do the full screen the total editing was completed you have to save that photo if you want more editing like this please subscribe our channel on YouTube Birthday Banner Photo Editing in Picsart



You can download all the materials from above