How To Increase Video Quality In Mobile 2022 Low Quality To High Quality

To edit this lyrics status video we can download the alight motion application. After that open alight motion application.

after that click on plus icon and select the ratio which you prefer and click on create project. After that click on plus icon select the option media and add the image to the said project after that click on fill composition area and now we can add the song for the said project click on media and select the option audio and add the song and click on plus icon to add the song to this project after that we want to add the lyrics for the said beatmark project for that previously.

you are added the lyrics in notepad and now copy the lyrics from notepad and paste the lyrics to the said beatmark project by clicking text option. After that we need to add the font for the said project click on effects and select the option text spacing effects and click copy the effect and paste it to lyrics.

And adjust the lyrics by using move and transform and adjust with your fingertips. Now the process of editing is completed.

Now we can add the effects to the said project for that click on first group click on effects and click on a add effects and such text transform and add the effects with standard settings.and add the key frames. Click on end option and keep it as 8%.

And come to middle and plus and keep end as 100%. And click on face and keep it is 100%. And click on offset and keep us 0. And also keep the angle as 0.03. And click on scale option and keep it as -1.00. alpha=-1.000.

click on or lamp and keep it as 1000. And again we want to add the another effect to the said project which is blinking for that go to shake effect and copy the effects from shake effect and past it to the sai lyrics.

Some other effects also given in shake effect paste it to beatmark project.

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