👑 King Emoji Lion Pic With Beatsync Video Editing In Alight Motion || By Ravi Telugu Editz 💥

First of all open alight motion application. Before opening you want to download shake effects beat mark project.

Now open alight motion application From there you can add the photos by clicking plus icon and click on media and click on image and video to add the photos from gallary. After adding the photos can be extend with your fingertips and ther is any extra part trim it. And click on each photo and click on 3 dots and there is an option fill composition area click on the option for the process of photo can be zoom. Are otherwise we can adjust the photo by clicking move and transform with your fingertips.

And again click on plus I can and we can add water to the said project and further you can select the shape then click on fill composition area. And then click on colour and field option to select the colour as white. Is there any white colour in background keep it as Black. And now you can select the colour what you want. And come back and track it to where where the lyrics is ended. And click on long press on it and keep it to down of the lyrics. After that download the and there is an shake effect preset download it and open.

Click on photo and click on three dots and click on effects and paste it the effects which is copied from preset. And paste the effects to each and every photo in the beat mark project. And now again open shake effect and there is an effect for lyrics and copy the effect from it and come back to beat mark project. And paste the copy effect for all the lyrics which is added in the beat mark project. If you interest to add template and I will give you the template in description you can download it and added to the beatmak project.

And then click on Arrow symbol and click on export to export the video with the high quality. So guys the video is completed I hope you guys the lyrics which is edited in this process. And please support support us for further editing tutorials thank you


Beat Mark
Shake Effect
Alight Motion




Full XML FILE :-

Snow template :-

King Image :-

Lion Image :-

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